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Better Opportunities in the Survival Tours

A night? A weekend? A week? You go out, hop into the wilderness. But what do you actually have to take with you? The more often you go on an adventure, the more superfluous things you will leave out of that big backpack. Because you also have to carry it all on your back! What is really important to take with you?

From suitcase to backpack. From hotel to hostel, from hostel to tent. After the many journeys I have made in different ways, my desire is more for the unspool nature of the terrain still unknown to man, the wilderness. But with only a few nice jerseys you will not get there. Your adventure actually starts with the preparations. What is it for adventure? How wild is the wilderness and what is essential to take with you? You can also book a Survival tour perfectly.

The adventure

An adventure is an experience, a sensation. A voyage of discovery in unknown territory where you do not know what to expect. A trip where you have to prepare yourself well. What if the weather changes? What if you get lost? Below you will find some essential basic rules that you need to know before you go on an adventure. On the basis of these rules you can then put together your backpack.

The 5 basic rules

The most important thing you need to know before you go on an adventure is the basic rules. If you know this then you know what to bring.

Lodging: the most essential to keep yourself warm for a long time. Do you know the area you are going to? Can you find accommodation there? If not, take a tent with you.

Water: we can do without water for about 3 days if we do not exert ourselves. Make sure you always have 2 liters of water for a day or take a water filter to drink water from rivers. In a snowy area you can of course snow!

Fire: to prepare food and stay warm. A fire kit is always useful. This is equipped with lighter, matches, a tea light (helps to light wet wood) and for example firelighters. Is there no wood in the area where you are going? A small cooker is handy.

Food: the lightest food to take with you is astronaut food. This also yields the most calories. Also ensure sufficient snacks in your bag.

Natural skills: the more you know about nature, the better you will survive. Look for a small survival guide that you can take with you in your backpack.

Packing list

If you have taken up the above rules and you have immersed yourself in the area you are going to, you can start packing! First make a packing list. This list is of course completely dependent on the area, the climate and the duration of your trip.

  • Tent 1-2 and bottom sheet (prevents leaks when it rains and stops cold from the ground
  • Sleeping mats (the insulation value indicates how much cold from the ground the mating holds)
  • Sleeping bag (to which temperature is your sleeping bag comfortable? Choose a synthetic and dry climate for wool when wet).